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The best way to prevent a problem is not to hire a problem.


1. Address Verification :

This helps clients judge the authenticity of the current and the permanent address of the candidate.

2. Employment Verification :

There has been a significant increase in companies which offer fictitious experience certificates for a fee and with our help our clients can be made aware of these scheming companies upfront. With ex-employers being able to reveal the highest discrepant component, our check helps to get information on the candidate's previous employment, dates of employment, last position held and reason for leaving.

3. Education Verification :

To authenticate the educational details, qualifications and other certificates mentioned by the candidate directly from the Colleges or Universities.Confirms that the candidate has not misrepresented any information pertaining to his educational qualifications / academic record.

4. Driver record checks :

It contains information about your driving history including

  •   Traffic Accidents.
  •   Driving record points.
  •   Traffic Law Violation, Conviction and fines.
  •   Whether your driver license id valid, suspended or cancelled.

5. Residential address check :

Ensures that the information provided by the candidate with respect to his / her residential address is factually correct.

6. Character reference check :

Obtains feedback about the candidates strengths, weaknesses, character and integrity from a person known to the candidate (usually previous supervisor).

7. Criminal Record Verification :

To check for any history of crime through police stations for police records and court of law for any court record pertaining to criminal or civil litigation.

8. Database search :

Verifies if the candidates name figures in any public/proprietary database of negative profiles including criminal databases, civil litigation databases, credit databases and compliance databases.

9. Drug tests :

Tie-ups with reputed laboratories across India for 5/7/10 panel drug tests. Substances tested for include amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine, morphine, marijuana, opiates etc

10. Matrimonial verification :

in today's world, it is very difficult to know the background of a bride or bridegroom as the marriage engagements are done online or through mediators or various matrimonial sites. In such cases, blindly believing to someone may create problem in future. Trust but Verify first.... The above checks or verifications can be carried forth discreetly or with consent. For undertaking various checks, we have established contacts with University/College officials, police authorities and also have access to reputed law firms /professional firms in India through whom we undertake criminal checks using court records.

In conducting these checks, we are aided by our dedicated verifications center, a 100 seater centralized operations hub at Bhubaneswar which follows stringent quality processes and controls. We are presently processing over 20,000 address checks per month spread across Eastern India.

3rd EYE performs background checks for many sectors like :

  •    Education Institutions
  •    Communication
  •    Telecom
  •    Financial Services
  •    Health Care
  •    Manufacturing
  •    Retail
  •    Staffing/ Placement
  •    Technology
  •    Transportation
  •    BPO
  •    Food & Beverages
  •    Hotel & Restaurants

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45% of all resumes contain one major fabrication - The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

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