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The best way to prevent a problem is not to hire a problem

About us

3RD EYE is one and only Employee Background Check Service Providers in the state of Odisha with a wide network throughout PAN INDIA. Our customers in this space include India´s leading IT, ITES, Manufacturing and BFSI Sector Companies.

In this changing global scenario, there is a enormous responsibility bestowed on the corporate, to transform India into the league of national with governance. To make this possible, the need of the hour is good & genuine employees.

A bad hire not only impacts business efficiency, but can have consequences such as theft of intellectual property, leakage of confidential information or misuse of resources. Companies are gradually waking up to the problem by conducting background checks through service providers like us.

There is absolutely no doubt that making a wrong hiring decision can damage your company reputation, your other employees and your cliental base.

One of the most precious assets of a company is its employees. Fraudulent staff can fetch on the fall down of an otherwise strong business. 3RD EYE presents a complete staff vetting service, that too for pre employment or for existing staff.

Our service is customized as per your requirements and budget. Whether it is for existing staff, recruitment short lists, new directors or contractors. Each company identifies how vital it is to have Personnel that can be trusted and relied upon. Pre employment screening reduces these risks significantly.

3RD EYE is formed with the belief that Employee Background Screening is an integral segment for the hiring process and a key missing thread in the genetic weave of the emerging market.

Do You Know ?

The average organization losses 6% of its human resources for internal fraud & abuse. Nearly 41% of all resource contains fake or misleading information. Maximum application forms contain outright lies about experience, education and ability to perform essential function on his fetor.

Employee's fraud is universal risk that should not be ignored.
(Protect your business with 3rd EYE Screening) (Trust but Verify First)

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